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Silver cloud really allowed me to understand that the issues I have/had are experienced by many people and can be managed. It meant I could identify the possible triggers and take the necessary actions to relieve them, oppose to them spiralling out of control and morphing into a mass of negativity. Having clear and structured modules helped me to work through my issues without making me feel frustrated as it was clear that the necessary changes would not occur over night, yet progress was being made. Silver cloud has been invaluable in helping me begin to overcome my issues, but crucially it ended the dark feeling of hopelessness you feel when you have no answers to the way your brain interacts with the world. I know my issues have not completely evaporated into the air, however, there is now a flame speeding up that process and only time can tell what it will boil down to. I would recommend silver cloud to anyone going through issues, yet I can imagine many people don't believe they have this option as they are not aware of it, much like myself.
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I found that the program really helped me in trying to handle stress and anxiety in a better way, and my family really noticed the difference!
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Sometimes you just need to talk or communicate with someone that doesn't know you or the people around you, and feel like you can be completely open and honest about how you're feeling without being judged or have someone force their own opinions on you. For me the journals were great for this, as I find it easier to communicate how I feel in writing. I also found the CBT cycles very useful at the beginning to help identify the emotions I was feeling and breaking down my thoughts and behaviors from there to establish any patterns.
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This program really helped me to overcome my feeling of depression and low self esteem. I think we all know about most of the stuff but this program helps us to apply it in real life and move forward.
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I thoroughly enjoyed using the service and gained a lot from it. I feel better able to understand my moods and the tools I can use to try to overcome the difficulties I have managing my diabetes. It also helped me to recognize that there are a number of other stressors in my life that effect my mood and ability to cope, which is a bonus. In some ways it was unfortunate that during the period I was on the program I had significant family issues that impacted upon my ability to focus and the time I could devote it, but in other ways it was helpful to be able to use the generic CBT tools to manage my response to these other issues too. I am looking forward to revisiting the program over the next year to review and continue to practice those skills.